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Overwintering Containers And Finish Of Season Cleanup


Nothing that I do within the backyard is on a small scale, and my summer time pots aren’t any exception. On any given yr, I’ll have upwards of 60-70 containers, or extra, scattered round our property. Every part from single pots with geraniums to a lot bigger pots stuffed with hibiscus, bananas, elephant ears and different tropical vegetation. My least favourite gardening activity is managing these pots each yr.

As soon as all my pots are planted, I do benefit from the routine care of watering, fertilizing, and the attractive outcomes, however attending to that time is a problem for quite a lot of causes. It’s a labor of affection although, and the outcomes are definitely price it for me, however it’s my least favourite activity to handle and put together the pots for planting annually – after which comes the top of season cleanup.

Managing Backyard Pots Earlier than Winter

If I had been a “regular” individual, I wouldn’t have as many pots, however as an indoor and outside backyard fanatic, it’s a lifestyle! Simply the sheer variety of pots is a problem to handle. On the finish of every season earlier than winter comes, the cleanup turns into a burden. Given the unpredictable nature of our climate, more often than not I don’t get round to cleaning up all the pots in time for winter. 

On the end of the season cleanup, I’ll attempt do one in all three issues when overwintering containers:

  • For smaller pots which have annuals, I’ll generally simply throw them in a compost pile.
  • For sure pots which might be too large to maneuver, I’ll simply clear up the lifeless foliage and go away the pots as-is and allow them to sit over the wintertime.
  • In the event that they’re sufficiently small to maneuver, I’ll transfer them to a extra protected place to protect them from the weather.

By springtime, since I’ve so many pots, I prefer to reuse the soil in lots of the pots if I can. I’ll often take the previous soil out of every pot and place it in a wheelbarrow. To loosen up the soil, I’ll add a superb quantity of perlite, combine in a time-release fertilizer, like Osmocote, and return the soil to every pot.

Since I don’t have a superb place to overwinter a few of my vegetation, like hibiscus, which get very massive, I’ll deal with them as annuals and buy them yearly. It’s troublesome to get these vegetation out of the pots on the finish of the season (or within the spring once I get lazy). It typically entails a lot prying, pulling and twisting to get every thing out.

The issues we endure as gardeners!