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The One Intestine Microbe An MD Says Is Essential For Longevity + 3 Meals It Loves


With all that this micro organism does, you could be stunned to be taught that it loves fairly acquainted meals. “Those they actually like are pomegranate, green tea, and cranberry,” Hyman notes.

It is smart, as every of those meals is chock-full of phytochemicals: Particularly, pomegranates include a big quantity of tannins, flavonols, anthocyanins, which boast unbelievable antioxidant properties. Plus, these ruby-red seeds are additionally a very good supply of prebiotic fiber, which feeds your intestine micro organism and retains the microbes pleased (Akkermansia muciniphila, amongst others).

Maybe we needn’t remind you about inexperienced tea’s antioxidant-rich, inflammation-managing properties, however the catechin EGCG might play a selected position in sure varieties of cancers (be taught extra here). As for cranberries? These tart berries are rich in polyphenols and ursolic acid, which additionally has anti-inflammatory effects.

“You will get good quantities of those phytochemicals by way of comparatively simple, accessible issues,” Hyman explains. “For instance, I exploit matcha inexperienced tea powder in my protein shake.” You can even add concentrated pomegranate or cranberry powders to your smoothies and oatmeal bowls (market choices here and here), or just seize a handful of recent fruit and begin snacking.