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Tummo vs. The Wim Hof Methodology: What’s The Distinction & Is One Higher?


Each practices provide related advantages and will permit you to stand up to chilly temperatures. However what is the distinction, actually? As Dittmar instructed mbg, tummo respiration incorporates a extra religious part and in addition consists of visualizations, which the Wim Hof technique doesn’t.

She provides that tummo respiration will help you “summon religious data” and that it “feels extra meditative” than Hof’s technique.

Alternatively, as famous on Wim Hof’s website, “The Wim Hof Methodology primarily comes from what Wim calls ‘chilly laborious nature,’ and has no non secular elements.”

That mentioned, determining which possibility is healthier for you’ll come all the way down to your particular person wants and expertise stage.

In case you’re brand-new to breathwork, it might be simpler to begin with the Wim Hof technique so you may concentrate on getting the respiration sample down earlier than you incorporate a visualization as you’d with tummo.

Or, maybe you might be in search of extra of a religious, meditative breathwork expertise, during which case tummo may attraction to you.

On the finish of the day, the easiest way to essentially discover out which one you like might be to offer them each a attempt. (Notice: It isn’t really helpful to attempt these practices in case you are pregnant, have epilepsy, hypertension, coronary heart illness, or have a historical past of coronary heart failure, stroke, and many others. Speak to your physician in case you have questions.)